SINCE 1926



  • Sustainable

    • Efico values responsible business practices and adheres to the 10 UN Global Compact principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.
    • We are member of several initiatives supporting sustainable development including the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and FLO Certification.
    • Through the Efico Foundation, we can make a difference by supporting sustainable development projects in producing countries.
    • Climate change is a concern. By monitoring CO2-emissions in the coffee supply chain we can define targets to reduce it and limit our impact on the environment.
    • Efico carefully selects all those involved in the coffee supply chain, forging reliable, long-term partnerships.
    • Constant communication on market activities, coffee quality and sustainability ensures transparency with all our partners.
    • Efico invests in 'green logistics' through its solar-powered, sustainable distribution and storage center – Seabridge.
  • Qualitative

    • Over the years we have built a solid network of reliable suppliers.
    • Goods are shipped with the greatest care and are traceable at all times.
    • Since 2003, our Quality Management System has been ISO 9 001 certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.
    • We follow Food Safety Management procedures according to IFS & ISO 22 000.
    • A series of standards and rigorous tests are carried out on various samples to ensure quality and food safety at every stage in the process.
    • At Seabridge, the storage area is temperature and humidity controlled, the air is filtered to remove bacteria, dust and off smells.
    • We are equipped to clean, screen, blend, dry, color sort and pack green coffee in an efficient and food safe environment.
    • We continue to do the utmost to meet and exceed our buyers’ demands and expectations.
  • Traceable

    • Through our tailor-made Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) all our goods are carefully tracked and traced from the coffee farm to delivery.
    • Using the latest technology, every movement or status is registered be it on the coffee farm, on the ship, on the road, in the warehouse, in storage or distribution.
    • All marks, be it on goods, containers or trucks, are registered and linked to a unique barcode providing the ID of the goods.
    • Through this unique bar coding and scanning of goods, storage areas and portals, goods can be identified and located instantly.
    • Shipping documents, test results and handling history are registered in the system and can be consulted on screen upon simple request.
    • A recall or withdrawal can be organized immediately by the simple click of a button.
    • Using a personal login, customers can consult the system and find the real-time status of their stock at all times.
    • Our organization is audited on a regular basis, by several third parties to ensure that we meet the very highest standards.